There is a Light Within You.

Let Me Help You Embrace It!

Are you ready to find more Light in your soul? How good would it feel to locate and release whatever is blocking your Light? Do you long for more serenity, more confidence, and more peace? Would you like to be more focused? How about that nagging physical problem? Could trapped emotions be the reason the problem is still there?

I am an intuitive and a perceptive energy practitioner and I’ve been privileged to witness some exciting and heartening results since becoming a Body Code Practitioner.

I offer a 25-minute free consultation. Let’s explore together to determine if Body Code sessions could help you!

Contact me to set up an appointment! God’s Blessings to You!

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About Celine

Hello and welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

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Who I am, and Why I Want You to Thrive

Healing has been my passion since the 1970’s when I first read the book, I’m OK, You’re OK. It was a relief, to say the least, to learn that I was “OK.” The Light was beginning to dawn…….

Despite a difficult and dark childhood and young adulthood, I’ve been able to heal myself of past trauma using The Emotion Code. I have been releasing trapped emotions and doing Body Code sessions as fast as my body will allow. This has lead to drastic and quick improvements in my physical and emotional health. 

If you believe that you have been led to do energy work with me, select from the services on the menu and set an appointment.  I would be honored to assist you if you have questions and I offer a free 25-minute consultation. Please check my services menu. Welcome to the Light!

– Celine

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Improved Social Skills and Confidence

Olivia had a very tumultuous Junior High experience. She was shy and withdrawn. Her comprehension was low and she struggled with reading. After our consultation for Olivia for Body Code work, her social skills and confidence have improved along with her social life. I don’t know how you did it but she goes to school dances now. Just a year ago, we were at a wedding in Chicago. Olivia’s uncle offered her $100.00 to go on the dance floor and dance with him. She wouldn’t do it. She was too shy. She just sat there and watched everyone else dance and she scowled. She’s been to two dances in the last two months and has a blast dancing with her friends. In fact, last weekend, she danced so hard that she came home with a bloody toe. She had no idea how it happened because she hadn’t even felt it. Her legs were very sore for three days.

Her taste in music is changing. She is experimenting with different musical styles that she previously did not like.  Her political views are changing and she is very vocal about her opinions. Her academic performance has also improved.  No longer is she getting C’s and D’s, but A’s and B’s with an occasional C. She seems much happier and it is good to hear her laugh.

She also ran cross-country this fall and went to state in Pocatello. This is a night and day difference from the two years she spent in junior high eating alone and hating everyone.

Thank you Celine for your incredible work that you’ve done for Olivia. Her outlook on life and her future seem much brighter.

– Olivia’s Mom

Olivia's Mom

Quick Improvement of Physical Condition

When peri-menopause began, I started experiencing terrible hives. This went on for two summers; the heat caused the hives to be worse. My hives were so bad that I had to go to the emergency room for steroids. In May of 2018, I contacted Celine for Emotion Code Sessions. After a few sessions, the hives improved and have largely disappeared. They are 90 percent better. I’m so grateful for her Emotion Code work. – Sasha T.

Sasha T.

My Pain Disappeared

I had been having pain in my right knee for several months. Celine did Body Code sessions on me remotely. Within a few weeks, the pain in my knee disappeared. I was definitely more comfortable after her remote treatments. – Sharon


Ease of painful leg condition

I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis in my left thigh that swelled considerably even after the doctor took me off of blood thinner. My foot and ankle were painful along with the swelling. I could not wear a shoe on my left foot even after eight or nine months. Celine told me about what she was learning from Dr. Nelson regarding the Emotion Code and Body Code. She asked me if she could try using the Body Code for my foot and ankle. I agreed. Celine did several sessions here with me at my home and the rest by proxy sending me the detailed information by email. I let her know when the swelling went down.

At this time, I have no more swelling and I can wear my shoes. My heartfelt thanks to you, Celine!  I am grateful! – Rosalie


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